Final Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis Meeting

Published November 19, 2013 00:38

Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis is holding its 4th and final public meeting.

For the last decade, planning has identified transit as the number one priority for creating and strengthening the downtown and urban core in Omaha. As part of the Heartland 2050 plan and the Regional Transit Vision, the Omaha transit network is being redesigned to become more efficient, accessible, convenient, and affordable. The Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis is the catalyst for desired urban growth plans and will become the backbone of the entire regional transit network.

Omaha has always been a great place to live. New developments and expansions have shown us the potential in the central Omaha area. But without improved transit, can we take advantage of this opportunity and become a truly livable city?

The Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis has been a two-year process to evaluate the best transit options to serve this area. Now is the time to take this study from a plan to implementation. Your input will help to finalize the best recommendation that moves forward for preliminary engineering, environmental documentation and a full finance plan.

Show Omaha that transit matters. Come to the public meeting!
            Tuesday, December 3rd
            Mutual of Omaha Auditorium, 3301 Dodge Street, 68131
            (Please enter through the doors on the west side of the building)
             5:00 - 7:00 pm
             5:30 pm – Presentation

Metro Transit options:

  • Route 2, Dodge Street Service
  • Route 15 to 33rd Street.

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